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LATEST NEWS - 07/11/11

K E P Developments propose the renovation of Old Hall Tamworth Road as a hotel.

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Keresley Green

Keresley Green is the oldest of the three villages and was an agricultural village formally known as Kaerer's Ley. It lies to the North of Hall Brook and . Bordered by the countryside it still maintains its rural atmosphere.

Local views around Keresley Green
The Hare & Hounds
Hare and Hounds


Flooding in Watery Lane

As with many road names Watery Lane suggests that it is susceptible to flooding. On 28th June 2009, the frequent showers suddenly changed to a heavy downpour lasting approximately fifty minutes.

This downpour resulted in total carnage in Watery Lane, manhole covers blown off by the force of the Hall Brook which is culverted under the road. One car got stranded and the occupants, including two children, had to be rescued through the windows as the water rose up to the door handles. The site is indicated by the yellow pin on the map.

Halcrow have conducted a survey that indicates that the Hallbrook is a minor watercourse and does not pose a risk to flooding, although they cover themselves by saying some flooding is possible. The Environment agency carried a flood risk assessment when the new estate in watery lane was built concluded that no run off water from the estate should enter the Hallbrook.

This is not the first time residents have experienced this. A local resident comments:

"This scene was a regular event when I was a child. I'm not sure where the water goes but I cant remember any big sewer drains going in when the new housing estate was built. It could be interesting with another 3500 houses in the surrounding fields.............I'm just off to see Noah to see if he can build us an ark.................."

Below are some photos taken at the time compared with normal conditions.