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LATEST NEWS - 07/11/11

K E P Developments propose the renovation of Old Hall Tamworth Road as a hotel.

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Planning application for Old Hall, Tamworth Road

A new planning application has been submitted by K E P Developments to
Coventry City Council to renovate this building and turn it into a Hotel.
This Grade II Listed building was, until recently, open as a restaurant / bar.
In 2010 a fire destroyed most of the roof and damaged much of the interior.

An indication extent of the proposed development can be seen in the following presentation.
The architects Howl Associates have been appointed to provide architectural services.

The full planning application can be accessed from the Coventry City Council website here.

Planning applications are reviewed by Coventry City Council in relation to the current
Local Development Plan. The Coventry Development plan 2001 can be downloaded from here.

The Old Hall is situated in Greenbelt land. The Coventry Development Plan policies GE6 & GE7 include statements that any redevelopment should not significantly increase the size and that
inappropriate development will not be allowed.

The terms significantly and inappropriate are of course subjective, and people may have differing views as to what is significant or inappropriate in terms of this proposed development.

If you wish to make a comment on this planning application proposal click on this link.

The closing date of the Consultation Period for comments is 23/11/2011


It is thought that this name is of Danish origin - Kaerer being a Swedish surname, and a Ley a forest clearing thus
Kaerer's Ley
, now known as Keresley. This would probably have been after the year 1066 when the famous
Domesday Book
, a survey of England, was made since no record of the village exists.

Kaerer's Ley was an agricultural village now known as Keresley Green. It lies to the North of Hall Brook and is the oldest of the three villages. Bordered by the countryside it still maintains its rural atmosphere.

Keresley Heath to the South is bounded by the Tamworth Road. Established in the 17th century the oldest building is probably Akon House on Sandpits Lane. The church not being completed until 1847. Weaving was the main occupation. Green fields remain to the North of the village, the remaining borders having merged with adjacent Coventry suburbs.

Keresley Newlands, to the North, was only developed in the early 20th century when mining commenced in 1911. Today the mine has closed and the mining site redeveloped as industrial warehousing. Like Keresley Green it maintains a tranquil rural setting.


The Beechwood - Sandpits Lane
The Beechwood

This listed building is a former18th century farmhouse, now converted and extended into an Inn - The Beechwood.

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The Church of St Thomas was constructed in 1847. It is one of two churches in the church parish of Keresley and Coundon.

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Church of St Thomas - Tamworth Road
St Thomas

Hare & Hounds- Watery Lane
Hare & Hounds

Built in the late 19th century, the Hare and Hounds popular local pub in Keresley Green.

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Freshly cut hay drying in the sun. After a few days it will be baled for use as winter feed.

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Haymaking - Keresley Green

Pit Wheel - Bennetts Road
Colliery Pit Wheel

This wheel was rescued after the closure of Coventry Colliery and now marks the entrance to the new Prologis Park.

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Built in 1999 the community centre is the hub for many activities in the village.

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Community Centre - Howat Road
Community Centre

Keresley Heath Keresley Green Keresley Newlands